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Shadows of Duat - Synopsis

In late 1922 Howard Carter and his team found Tutankhamun's tomb. It was the most important find in archeology to date. A young British woman from a good family, named Hope Blackmount, was part of that expedition, although given her inexperience she did not play a relevant role.


Hope's luck changed when one of Carter's assistants ordered her to get rid of some old files, among which was a strange codex. She kept the codex and studied it in secret, discovering in it the locations of a series of forbidden, cursed tombs. In them rested the remains of pharaohs so impious that their names were completely erased from history.


The term with which these pharaohs were called was: An-Ren, which literally means Nameless. According to the ancient Egyptians, if the Ren (the spiritual part that corresponds to a person's name) was erased, the deceased could not be judged in the Afterlife and could never be reborn. However, there is a part of the soul that never disappears, the Sheut (the shadow), so it will forever wander within the grave, unable to find rest or redemption, becoming darker and more powerful over the millennia.


Hope used all her contacts to try to create an expedition using the forbidden codex as a guide, but most thought she was crazy and a minority tried to warn her, like her old university professor, Tarek Hamouda, who fervently recommended that she burn that codex and forget what she has read.


Even so, Hope took advantage of the fever for Egyptology that had caused the discovery of Tutankhamen and in 1923 he organized an event in Cairo to try to attract patrons. This event ended with a huge shootout between two warring sectarian groups.


On the one hand, the Sacred Order of the Disciples of Anubis, who wanted to destroy the codex. On the other, a dangerous cult of Apophis who wanted the codex to awaken the An-Ren.


Hope managed to escape from there with the help of Scott Müller, an engineer and grave robber who had decided to join the expedition. For the treasures, obviously.


The cultists of Apophis managed to get hold of the codex. However, Hope had copied the coordinates of the first tomb. In order to reach those coordinates, in the middle of the desert, they had the help of Samira Nasser. This mercenary of few words knows the desert like no one else and agreed to take them in exchange for a large payment.


When they arrived at the site, they saw that they had already started digging in that area a long time ago, although everything was covered up in a hurry, as if they had ended up fleeing the place. Hope and Scott went into the tomb, and Samira waited outside.


Inside the tomb they began to perceive that it was much bigger than any other in which they had been. And very strange. Hope was fascinated to find some kind of life-size ushabti figurine, something never seen before.


Then a crack appears in the ushabti, Hope gets scared, everything starts shaking. A wall emerges from the ground and a wall begins to rotate to make way for a new room. Another wall begins to fall from above and it is going to leave them trapped but they run towards the new chamber. There, they begin to hear scorpions and realize that they are surrounding them. The floor opens in the form of a ramp and they both fall. Hope is on the ground and sees how a scorpion gets very close to her face. A shot bursts it. It's Samira.


Shots are heard. They look and Hope is shocked to see Professor Hamouda running towards them in fright. Samira pushes Hamouda into cover and fires at several cultists who were chasing the professor.


Hamouda approaches Hope, trying to collect his breath. They take cover while Samira and Scott exchange gunfire. Hamouda, without explaining how he got there, seriously warns Hope that if the An-Ren awakens, humanity is doomed.


Samira grabs a gun from her arsenal and throws it at Hope. She trembles when she takes it and doesn't dare lean out to shoot. Then the tomb starts moving again. Floors and walls change in such a way that the four protagonists end up separating.


Each of the four will have their own path. Here the game begins.

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