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Who are the Black Jackals?


The Guede Bros

We are Ángel Guede and Víctor Guede, two brothers from Seville, Spain, who have loved video games since we were children.

We are passionate about ancient mythologies, terror and action. Shadows of Duat will be the first of many games we have in mind. Our imagination has no limits.

We have made this game entirely between the two of us, except for the soundtrack.


The level design, characters and enemies are made by my brother Víctor. He is also responsible for playtesting, as he is a hardcore gamer.


On the other hand, I (Ángel) take care of all the programming and 3D art. The story and the script are made between the two of us.


Finally, the excellent original soundtrack of this game is the work of the great Adrián Berenger.

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