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Shadows of Duat - Game Features

  • The story unfolds inside this tomb full of secrets to discover, puzzles, traps, curses, and creepy enemies, which Hope, and her team will have to face through their powers of observation and ingenuity and overcome all dangers to survive and escape.

  • Shadows of Duat is full of Ancient Egyptian references and curiosities, as each level represents one of the Twelve Gates of Duat, the Egyptian underworld described in the Book of the Gates.

  • 4 main characters with unique abilities: Hope Blackmount, an adventurous archaeologist who, because of her small size, can slip through any passageway; Scott Müller, a genius engineer and grave robber who uses explosives to force his way through; Samira Nasser, a battle-hardened mercenary with a mysterious past and expert in all kind of weapons; and Professor Tarek Hamouse, a scholar and expert in mystical arts.

  • In the darkness of the tomb, you must be alert. Every sound and each mural or statue will give clues about the dangers lurking in every corner. Don´t forget that the same corridor can lead to different places with new threats.

  • Puzzles will be around you everywhere, and to solve them you need to pay attention to the details. Observation skills and ingenuity will be rewarded. Failure can mean suffering an atrocious fate.

  • Shadows of Duat rewards exploration, the labyrinthine paths of the tomb hold many secrets, curiosities, and unique objects.

  • There are multiple endings to this adventure. Make your decisions wisely, the life and death of the characters and even the fate of humanity will depend on them.

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