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Shadows of Duat - Characters


Hope Blackwood - The Archaeologist

She is a young British woman from a good family. Ambitious and restless, she became a promising expert on ancient Egypt and even managed to be part of the team that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Thanks to this, she found the forbidden codex, which contained the location of the tombs of nameless pharaohs, which even the most skeptical feared to investigate. So she formed his own expedition, which triggered this story. Despite her small stature, she has unwavering courage and an overwhelming personality, which will constantly propel the group towards adventure.

Scott Müller - The Engineer

This German-born American was a legendary grave robber, considered a genius by some and an unscrupulous criminal by others. Over the years he has become a great connoisseur of Egyptian tombs, even knowing how to interpret their hieroglyphics. His career was cut short recently when Egyptian authorities captured him and cut off his hand. Since then he has been wearing an ingenious mobile prosthesis, invented by him. After this he adopted a quiet life, far from the criminal world, until Hope offered him to be part of an expedition that seemed to be really lucrative. He's a really strong guy, expert in demolitions and capable of disarming any trap, even with one hand.


Samira Nasser - The Mercenary

This Bedouin gunslinger is of few words. Her past, unknown. The only thing that is clear is that she knows the desert like no one else and is capable of handling any type of weapon with incredible skill. She was hired by Hope solely to guide her to the location of the forbidden tomb, but circumstances forced her to go inside. Although at first it may seem otherwise, money seems not to be the only thing that drives this mysterious character, as she has a strange code of honor.

Professor Tarek Hamouda - The Sage

In the past he was an honorable member of the Sacred Order of the Disciples of Anubis (the Anubidans), a secret organization dedicated to protecting the barrier between the world of the dead (the Duat) and the world of the living, fighting against evil and dangerous creatures as the An-Ren. Accused as a heretic by his own people, he was forced into exile, going on to earn a living as a university professor. Even so, he continues to fight the darkness, so when his former student Hope told him about the forbidden tomb, he was forced to intervene. He is a master of the arcane arts, able to cast spells and break curses.

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